Helping Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

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Copenhagen, January 2nd, 2012

Helping Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

Startups in Emerging Markets
cSupport, a startup dedicated to provide the best customer care tool on the web, has begun an initiative of helping out entrepreneurs in emerging markets. From Latin America to Asia, cSupport offers help to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Life-Time Customer Care to Startups
The team of cSupport have the vision of helping out organizations, entrepreneurs and startups with their customer care needs. This vision produced their program “We Care”. In the “We Care” program, cSupport gives away free life-time versions of their live chat solution to any startup in an emerging market of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The only catch is that the startup cannot have been receiving any significant funding.

Limited Resources in Emerging Markets
Kasper Christensen and Dan Schultzer, the co-founders of cSupport, believes that the emerging markets in places like Latin America and Asia still has huge problems finding serious capital. “We think that startups in emerging markets have much difficulties to find both funding, the right people and the right tools,” said Kasper Christensen.

In addition, Dan Schultzer have experience with living in the Middle East and Latin America. “I have seen it first hand myself and thought that all these great startups could be so much more if they had better resources.”

From a Startup to a Startup
Christensen and Schultzer told that they believe in the age-old karma system. “Yes, we believe that spreading some good karma eventually will fall back to us. But we just like to help people around us,” said Dan with a laugh.

Being a bootstrapped startup [a startup without any outside fundings] themselves, Christensen and Schultzer understands the challenges of startups in emerging markets. Schultzer hope that others will follow the example of a startup helping other startups. “I would love to see other startups helping out each other. We believe that such a world already exists in smaller scale and we are looking forward for others to catch up.”

Contact Information

Kasper Christensen, Co-founder, Head of Communication Denmark
Denmark: Toldbodgade 12, Copenhagen, DK-1620
Mexico: Rio Volga 80, Mezzanine 2-A, Col. Cuauhtemoc, D.F., México C.P. 06500
Phone EU +45 50 88 05 02