Using cSupport on iPhone with JabberB Beejive IM

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Using cSupport on iPhone with JabberB Beejive IM

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Before you continue, please make sure you have JabberB from Beejive IM installed on your iPhone or iPad device.

1. Launch JabberB
When you have launched the app, you’ll need to fill out the Username and Password fields. You can find your username when you’re signed in at your administration interface at cSupport, under Settings -> Instant Messaging. When you have filled in the information correctly at JabberB, press Save in the top right corner.

2. You’re set
When you’re signed in, make sure that you accept all bot requests and follow the instructions you receive (if you have not done so yet). Verify that your status are set to Available. You are now able to support your clients form your iOS device.

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