Using cSupport in Adium for Mac

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Using cSupport in Adium for Mac

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Before we start, please make sure you have Adium installed on your mac computer and also have a Jabber ID. You can use the default cSupport jabber ID (you can find it in Settings -> Instant Messaging) or use any jabber ID you wish (such as GTalk). For maximum reliability we recommend using the default cSupport jabber ID.

1. Launch Adium.
Launch Adium Live Support

2. Go to the ‘Adium’ then ‘Preferences’ from the Adium menu option panel.
Adium Preferences

3. In the ‘Accounts’ preference tab, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a ‘Jabber’ account and click OK.
Adium Jabber Account

4. Fill in the field ‘Jabber ID’ with your Jabber ID and the ‘Password’ field with your Jabber password. If you use the default csupport Jabber ID, the password is the same as your account password.
Adium Add gmail Account

5. If you receive incoming buddy requests go to 7.

If not, go to ‘Contact’  then ‘Add contact’.

6. From the ‘Contact Type’ dropdown pick ‘Jabber’ and add ‘’ in the ‘Jabber ID’ field

7. Accept the buddy request from

8. If the info bot tells you to wait for buddy requests from the bots, please go to 9.

If not, open a chat session with ‘’ and write ‘#join YOURACCESSCODE’ (You find your join code in the registration mail or in the administration panel under Settings -> Instant Messaging).

Access Live Chat gTalk

9. Accept all the incoming buddy request(s) and you’re set.
Live Chat with Adium and gtalk