How to manage the Jabber chat bots

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How to manage the Jabber chat bots

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This guide will make you understand the setup of the Jabber chat bots.

  1. When adding the bots for the first time, you only need to add one bot. This bot is called the information bot, and is the one you contact for different information. The instructions for how to add the bot and setup jabber is in your administration interface, as well in the e-mails that is sent to you.
  2. When you need to remove the bots you need two steps:
    1. First write and send #remove to the information bot, when you get a confirmation that you have been removed you can continue.
    2. Delete or remove all bots related to cSupport from your buddy list

Note: If you do not have the information bot in your buddy list, please add it first. You will need to send the #remove command to it before deleting the bots.

Note 2: Do not remove all the bots right away before sending the #remove message. The bots will send you buddy requests until you have sent the #remove message to the information bot. If you remove all the bots, please add the information bot again and sent the message #remove to continue removal.