How to Implement Live Chat into WordPress 3.0+

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How to Implement Live Chat into WordPress 3.0+

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A small guide on how to Implement Live Chat Support into WordPress 3.0 or newer (This may also apply to older versions of wordpress).

To implement cSupport into your WordPress theme you have two options, use our custom plugin or implement the code manually.

Option 1 – Plugin

Step #1 – Installing the plugin.

Step #2 – Activate the plugin

  • Login to your WordPress installation and go to the plugin section, here you’ll see the Live Chat plugin listed, activate it.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Live Chat Options’ follow the instructions.

Option 2 – Manually:

Step #1 – Get the tag:

  • Log into your cSupport Administration Panel
  • Click on Settings -> Chat Implementation
  • Copy the Javascript Tag

Step #2 – Implementing cSupport into your WordPress Blog:

  • Log into your WordPress Installation
  • Click on the Appearance Tab in the left sidebar
  • By the Manage Apperance’s header text you will find a button that says “Editor”.
  • On the preceding page, find the sidebar.php file name in the template list to the right.
  • Paste the Javascript tag before <?php endif; // end primary widget area ?>
  • Wrap the code with <li><h3 class=”widget-title”>Live Support</h3></li> as seen 0n the picture below, to make it fit into the current design.

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