How to Implement Live Chat into Magento 1.4+

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How to Implement Live Chat into Magento 1.4+

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A small guide on how to Implement Live Chat Support into Magento 1.4 or newer (This may also apply to older versions of Magento).

To implement cSupport into your Magento shop you have two options, use our Magento plugin or implement the code manually.

Option 1 – Plugin

Step #1 – Installing the plugin.

  • Go to the plugin website here, cSupport Live Chat plugin for Magento.
  • Click Install Now. Register if needed.
  • Select the Magento Connect version you use.
  • Copy the extension key.
  • Go to the Magento admin page and select System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
  • Login again if needed. Paste in the extension key you copied, and click install.
  • When the package is shown, click proceed.

Step #2 – Configure the plugin

  • Go to admin page then System > Configuration > cSupport Live Chat
  • Configure with your cSupport domain, and so on.

Optional Step #3 – Troubleshooting
If the configuration page becomes blank there is a few things you need to check.

  • Clean Magento cache through Flush Cache at System > Configuration > Cache Magement. Then log out, and log in again.
  • Disable Magento Compiler at the System > Tools > Compilation screen.

Option 2 – Manually:

Step #1 – Get the tag:

  • Log into your cSupport Administration Panel
  • Click on Settings -> Chat Implementation
  • Copy the Javascript Tag

Step #2 – Implementing cSupport into your Magento Webshop:

  • Log into your Magneto Installation
  • Go to CMS -> Pages
  • Click on any of the following pages, In this example we will be using ‘Home page’ with 2 columns and a right sidebar.
  • Click on ‘Content’ below ‘Page Information’
  • Fint and Paste the Javascript tag before </div><div class=”home-spot”>
  • Wrap the code with <p class=”home-callout”><h3>Live support</h3></p> ¬†as seen on the picture below, to make it fit into the current template.

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