Chat Clients With cSupport

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Chat Clients With cSupport

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The following chat clients can be used with cSupport (and all others that support the Jabber/XMPP protocol):

Pidgin (guide to Pidgin), Miranda, Psi, Trilian

Adium (guide to Adium), iChat, Pidgin (guide to Pidgin), Psi, Trilian

Pidgin (guide to Pidgin), Psi, Trilian

JabberB beejiveIM (guide to JabberB beejiveIM), IM+. Due to unreliability we do not recommend that you use eBuddy

beejiveIM (guide to JabberB beejiveIM), eBuddy, IM+

Setup Guides
Using cSupport in Adium for Mac
Using cSupport on iPhone with JabberB Beejive IM
Using cSupport in Pidgin for Windows