Add a cSupport Chat Widget to your Facebook Page

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Add a cSupport Chat Widget to your Facebook Page

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This guide will detail how to add cSupport live chat to your Facebook page, so your customers can chat with you directly from your Facebook page.

Step 1. Go to and click on “Create New App” in the top right corner

Step 2. Fill out the App Name, preferably your company name including a keyword e.g. support as seen on the picture below. Click Continue
Facebook create new app

Step 3. After you have created the app, you need to configure it as shown below.

Page Tab Name: Your Page Name, e.g. Support Live Chat
Page Tab URL: Here you use your custom cSupport domain, e.g.
Secure Page Tab URL: Same as page tab url

Configure tab app settings for fan page

Step 4. This is the tricky part, go back to your apps overview and copy your “App ID/API Key” and “Secure Canvas URL” and insert it in this URL: ID / API Key&next=Secure Canvas URL

Facebook page tab app

Step 5. Choose the Facebook page you like did to add the page to, and click Add Page Tab. Now go to your Facebook page and you’ll see the tab you just created with the cSupport live chat.

Facebook add page tab