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cSupport means Scalable

cSupport works with most types and sizes of businesses. The main types of businesses using cSupport are detailed below.

Live Chat for Resellers


Are you an entrepreneur? Perfect! cSupport is just for you, with no hassle with setup, and out-of-the-box live chat for the busy entrepreneur. Be online on your smart phone, and support your customers whenever needed.

Small Business

cSupport works excellent with small businesses. You employees doesn’t need to waste one second getting into the live chat system, or survey what is going on. The live chat system will notificate your employees right away when their attention is needed.

Web Agency

For web agencies, cSupport Live Chat is the best option. Offer your customers an excellent live chat that reflects your agency’s quality. Branding options and bundle deals are available. Contact us for more details.


Big business with dedicated support team? We can offer you a solution that match your needs. Contact us for more details.

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