Intuitive Live Chat

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Intuitive Live Chat

Most well-designed live chat

Don’t disappoint your customers with an old looking or ugly live chat front-end!

Make the experience great for your customers, and use cSupport Live Chat. Much of our work goes into developing the most elegant live chat layout. Dragging and resizing works like a dream. Perfect color styling is as simple as just inputting one color.

We do all the backend calculations for the correct gradient pattern, hover colors, and automating the process to make the best looking live chat for your website.

Most intuitive live chat administration

Don’t waste time, and get the information you need right away with our intuitive backend administration system. Everything is designed to make your support both effective and pleasing.

You simply want to support you customers with cSupport!

Most modern interface

We are using the most modern techniques to deliver the best quality of live chat. HTML5 audio for native sound in browsers, responsive interface with usage of CSS3, and jQuery for all-round backend javascript.

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