Instant Notification

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Instant Notification

Don’t miss a chat!

Our administrative backend gives operators immediate notice of new chat sessions or messages in new chats.

No need to worry if you catch all chats, you can safely send the chat window to the background while doing your work. When a new chat happens, the window, or tab title will blink and a sound notification will played.

You can even adjust what sound to be played, and if you want it to repeat until you get back to the chat window. Don’t miss one chat!

E-mail notification

cSupport also gives you an option to receive all chat session notifications as e-mail. This is perfect for measuring usage, and to know what is going on, without being stand-by operator yourself.

Instant Messaging notification

You don’t even need to have your browser open. All you have to do is to setup the Instant Messaging of cSupport, and you will receive the chats through your favorite Instant Messaging application, using your most appreciated notification setup!