Dead Simple Integration

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Dead Simple Integration

Colorize, position, and customize. Everything is possible with cSupport. You can even add your own custom fields!

Integrate any way

Do you wish to integrate your live chat in a way that represent your website the best?

cSupport is offering four different implementation modes, including draggable, and resizable inline chat, as well as iFrame chat. You can even add links anywhere and call the javascript function to open the chat.

Do not lock yourself, with only one way of implementing your live chat.

Style it

Keep your style with cSupport live chat. It is as simple as inputting your website’s base color, and the system will automatically generate a beautifully styled chat, with gradients and colors working together in harmony.

Let your live chat completely match your website’s colors. Positioning and styling of your live chat is an important aspect in keeping your website welcoming, and we have made that dead simple for you.

Integrate into anything

Using an open source system such as WordPress or Drupal? No problem, we got the plugins to ensure an easy integration. Using a specific system we don’t have plugin to? No problem, integration is as easy as editing your template file.

If you ever need any help with integration, we always stand by to assist you.