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Connect Anywhere

Be there when your customers need you the most. cSupport live chat works everywhere.

Instant Messaging Integration

No matter where you are, you can always be available for your customers.

cSupport live chat works on your device, wether that be your smart phone, or your PC. The system behind cSupport is using the open protocol of XMPP/Jabber (what Google Talk and Facebook is based on), to maximize the platforms you can be available on.

Please check our knowledge base for a small selection of Jabber enabled applications that exists.

An interface that works in all modern browsers

Our intuitive and beautiful admin interface make it a bliss to support your customers.

Furthermore it is HTML5 enabled and simply works in all modern browsers (Firefox 3, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome). Native audio notifications, modern CSS display, and jQuery enabled javascript all helps deliver an excellent experience.

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