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Affiliate Program

Earn money every time you spread the word about cSupport. We give 80% of the first month’s payment and 10% of subsequent months’ payment as long as you have an active subscription at cSupport.

A typical affiliate customer earns between $60-80 USD for each signup!

How to Join?

If you have an active account at cSupport you’ll automatically be enrolled in our affiliate program. Go to the Affiliate section found in the settings menu to get started.

How to get started?

It’s simple, share the affiliate link with anyone, once they have clicked the link, they’ll be connected to your account and you’ll be rewarded if they create a subscription in the future.

The Deal

Easy. We give you 80% on the first payment and 10% off on any subsequent payments made by the subscriber.
When you have collected an amount equal to $50 USD, simple request a payout.

Try our earnings calculator below to see the great benefits of being a cSupport affiliate

  • First payment 80% Earning
  • Subsequent payments 10% Earning
  • Payout requirement $50 USD
Earning Calculator

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