Heartbleed bug

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Heartbleed bug

cSupport hasn’t been affected by the heartbleed bug, but just in case we have updated to the latest patch of OpenSSL. We recommend that you roll the passwords on your cSupport account for added security.

Black Friday approaching

Check back soon for some great deals or check your inbox for our special black friday newsletter. Stay tuned!

Color your chat

With cSupport’s unique intuitive color system, you have unlimited control, while keeping it simple, the trademark of cSupport. No predefined themes (locked), no picking of 20 different shades (too rigid), just pick one color and you are ready to go!

Customize the chat button to fit into your website perfectly.

Color the chat different when offline
Do you wish to display the chat in a different Read more

New pricing structure

We wish to give our customers the best and most straight-forward live chat experience that is out there.

That is why we have gone for a complete new pricing structure! Now you only select the number of operators you need for your support needs.

All the products includes

  • Unlimited* predefined messages
  • Unlimited* concurrent chat sessions
  • Unlimited* number of operator accounts
  • Unlimited amount of log transcripts
  • Live visitor tracking
  • White label
  • 30 days free trial

* Up to a global or user defined limit. In case you need more contact us!

Happy chatting!

Chat button reinvented – Part 1

Today we are rolling out the first part of a new update of cSupport!

The chat button has been completely rebuild to give you a much more rewarding experience. Add social level to your contact with your customers, by adding your Facebook Page and Twitter handle directly to the floating inline chat button. We will add more Assisting Helpers soon!

Next step will be redesign of the chat box itself. Stay tuned!

cSupport 3.4 Released: Availability Overview

Availability Overview
The availability overview gives a strong view into what hours is the most important to be online, as well as how to optimize the support. Easily available form the Dashboard, you will always find an updated view of how your live chat support is going.

Visitor Profile
Find out who the user you are chatting with right now is. You will be able to see the latest sessions, important information as previous used names and e-mail, and localization. This will give you an unique idea what the user is looking for and you can deliver the best possible support. Read more

Releasing cSupport v. 3.0

We are happy to announce the complete redesign of cSupport along huge improvements in the infrastructure. Below we are detailing each of the updates and significance for your account.
Read more

Next Generation of cSupport

With 1.2 release we have made a huge step for our customers. With added a lot of security and stability fixes so we can give you a much more reliable system to use.

Exciting new Features:

  • Online/offline images (Paid)
  • Logo Upload (Paid)
  • Change layout/settings of your account (Free)
  • Floating chat button
  • Inline Chat
  • Direct chat (no prepopulation form)
  • More information of the chat user shown
  • Statistics of your usage of the account
  • Easy localization of languages

Of course there is much more than this added, so please check out your cSupport account now or head over to our tour page.

We see that people return much more often now and use the system much more, so this has definitely been the right step for cSupport. As always, we are excited to hear feedback from you, our customers. Do you have any new ideas? Annoying things about our system you like to see disappear? Just some general feedback? Do not hesitate to contact us or use our feedback forum.

How do you like your live chat?

By now we have Italian as new language support delivered by the good people at claimcreative.com. If you are interested in localization of the system for your language, please contact us and we will include you in our translation team.

We have been working on 1.1.1 and 1.2 for a while now and are closing in. By 1.2 we will be introducing floating and inline chat, image upload and branding features, timezones, no prepopulation chat (direct chat) as well as some exciting bonuses for our existing customers.

The aim of 1.2 is still to offer reliable, easy-to-use, no feature bugged live chat. A live chat that simply works out of the box.

Also look out for the beta version of iPhone very soon.

How to increase flexibility with cSupport?

We have exciting news for you, and that we believe most of you really has been looking forward to. An iPhone app. Of course, as a small business owner, you and your employees will be moving much around and can’t stay at the computer all day.

This is why we will be introducing the iPhone app soon. You will be able to have the clean, easy-to-use interface for your iPhone, and offer the exact customer care that your customers need, no matter where in the world you are. Multi-chat feature, support for multitasking, build-in notifications, and much more. We are excited!

Currently our goal is to have a gold app ready in january. With this we will also be releasing v1.1.1 of cSupport, that will be introducing image uploads and many minor fixes.

An Android app is on they way and is ready for preview soon after the iPhone app is released.

cSupport Affiliate

We have got a lot of responses about affiliate! Don’t worry this is indeed in our road map, and will be available for you as soon as possible! The core system has been created now and released, and we will now focus on the user feedback and develop the chat into exactly our customers needs. We are excited to introduce a lot of new features very soon, please take a look at the road map here.

Thanks for your feedback we value it much!

Why we value feedback from YOU!

As of v1.1 we have integrated uservoice for our feedback forum. This is because we really want to hear what our customers wants, and this is currently the best way we have found to interact with you. Why do we value the feedback from you?

As any organization we depend on you, the user, the customer, and as any organization we do want to be the best for our customer, to leave no doubt that the customer is our most important factor when we valuate our organization.

So this is why we do this, and why we try to connect in as many ways to you as possible, that being this blog, twitter, newsletter, uservoice or just simply by email. We sincerely hope you value our service, and tell us if something might not fit you. Thanks.

New release! v1.1

The new release is finally ready and has been activated on your accounts.

We have added quite a few new exciting features, this includes;

  • Go idle function
  • Sound notifications
  • E-mail notifications
  • Customization and Branding of chat
  • Registration of referer
  • Knowledge base with guides and faq
  • Many, many stability fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • And much more

All accounts has been upgraded to v1.1, so check it out now! A new small version update will be released shortly with some exciting features we believe is missing in the current release. However, there was not enough time to get it in the v1.1 release. Stay  tuned!

cSupport FREE live chat

We have been thinking about this and decided to offer FREE live chat for your website. Now the free version is pretty limited but hopefully get you an idea of how the system works, and should be useful enough for single user usage. With time we will add much more features to all of our products, including this free version.

As always we are extremely happy to get your feedback. It will help us develop one of the best live chats on the market!


cSupport has arrived

We’re proud to finally announce cSupport live chat system for the public! This is going to be one of the best alternatives in the big market of live chat systems. It has been a long and bumpy road, but now we have finally arrived, and would therefor like to thank all our beta testers for the great feedback they have given us. You will be receiving a little present to show our gratitude (check your emails). Without you it would have taken so much longer.

cSupport is our first exciting venture project with the Dream Conception team. The goal of cSupport is to take the fight up with all the big players on the market. We believe live chat solutions should be affordable for everyone, that being from the small business to the innovative entrepreneur. Read more