Why are customers not switching to your product?

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October 26th, 2012

Why are customers not switching to your product?

By Dan S

Many companies uses questionnaire, feedback forms, and other review methods to find out what customers think of their product, and why they are switching. This can be good, and valuable information, but we believe it only gives you a superficial understanding of why your customers switch products/providers.

Customers do not switch from your competitors to you (or the other way around) because you have more features, better pricing, nicer design, or anything you can add to your product. Customers switch because their current setup doesn’t get the job done.

So when you are frustrated that your product is so much better than your competitors, but customers don’t switch, ask yourself this: Does the product of your competitor get the job done?

If your competitors product does get the job done, you will need to differentiate yourself in very different way. In a way where you get the job done, that your competitor cannot!

And one last note; use the feedback you get to better the product for your existing customers. They are giving their trust in your product by spending their money with you, and not your competitor, and so should you do what is in your power to make it the best experience your customers can get!

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