Releasing cSupport v. 3.0

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December 21st, 2011

Releasing cSupport v. 3.0

By Dan S

We are happy to announce the complete redesign of cSupport along huge improvements in the infrastructure. Below we are detailing each of the updates and significance for your account.

New jabber server
Google Talk has been somewhat unreliable and slow, so we have built our own Jabber server that you can connect directly to. This both has increased speed and reliability. All operators that are created will automatically have a cSupport Jabber account created for them, but you can still use your Google Talk account without any problems.

If you are using Google Apps Google Talk accounts, please take note of this knowledge base post:

To use Jabber in Pidgin (Windows):

To use Jabber in Adium (Mac):

Version 3.0 of cSupport
The complete redesign of cSupport should offer a much more usable backend interface. Our goal as always has been to keep it as simple as possible, and to make sure that the most important is always in the front.

Now the active sessions is always shown, which will increase productivity. The new redesign also offers detailed information about sessions, such as which country a guest comes from, or what platform a guest uses. We also offer statistics what web pages users are mostly coming from, average session time, and more.

There is so many improvements that you just have to check it out yourself. Login or create an account with 14 day free trial at: