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March 10th, 2011

Next Generation of cSupport

By Dan S

With 1.2 release we have made a huge step for our customers. With added a lot of security and stability fixes so we can give you a much more reliable system to use.

Exciting new Features:

  • Online/offline images (Paid)
  • Logo Upload (Paid)
  • Change layout/settings of your account (Free)
  • Floating chat button
  • Inline Chat
  • Direct chat (no prepopulation form)
  • More information of the chat user shown
  • Statistics of your usage of the account
  • Easy localization of languages

Of course there is much more than this added, so please check out your cSupport account now or head over to our tour page.

We see that people return much more often now and use the system much more, so this has definitely been the right step for cSupport. As always, we are excited to hear feedback from you, our customers. Do you have any new ideas? Annoying things about our system you like to see disappear? Just some general feedback? Do not hesitate to contact us or use our feedback forum.