New features at cSupport: Typing and Rating

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April 13th, 2012

New features at cSupport: Typing and Rating

By Dan S

We are excited to announce two new features at cSupport!

Now you are able to see when the visitor is typing. This goes both ways, as the user are also able to see you typing. You will need to make sure that typing notification is enabled in your Jabber IM application to make it work in Jabber. This will help users know that you are typing a longer message and await, or the other way around. It is sure to improve the overall chat experience.

Thumb Rating
Another new feature is thumb rating. Visitors can rate thumb up or thumb down on chat sessions. This will enable you to review how well your chat sessions are going, and find out if there is room for improvements. You are able to view the statistics on this on the dashboard, as well as individual rating on each chat.