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October 9th, 2012

Longer Trial = More Love

By cSupport Team

We have always been very liberal about the trial period for cSupport. Many of you customers decide to go with us during the development of your website (as part of a whole marketing process) and thus many of you needs longer trial periods to verify the ROI (Return On Investment) by adding cSupport Live Chat to your website.

Then we thought to ourselves, why not give a full month for free by default?

It doesn’t make any sense that you only can try our system for a limited time of two weeks, thus pressuring you, our customers, into buying a subscription even though you might not be entirely sure if cSupport actually adds value to your business.

The vision of cSupport is that we offer the most outstanding live chat experience available, and that our solution will add a lot to your bottom line by generating more sales, and increasing customer loyalty. Nothing feels better to your customers than a friendly and happy customer service experience!

So from today we are offering full 30 days trial period for any new-comers. Try it out, and find out if it really is worth the price tag by yourself!

Longer Trial = More Love! From the cSupport team: Have a great and productive day!