Huge improvements: gTalk, redesign and much more!

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October 4th, 2011

Huge improvements: gTalk, redesign and much more!

By Dan S

Your live chat software just got much better.

We have been working hard the last months and finally got both iPhone/Android integration, gTalk Instant Messaging support and huge improvements to both the chat box and the admin interface. Please comment what you feel about the new changes. We are looking for a more HTML5 and jQuery based interface to keep everything clean and future proof.

Some of the changes are:

  • Flawless integration with gTalk
  • iPhone/Android integration with ebuddy and other gTalk enabled chat clients
  • New and faster servers
  • Draggable chat window
  • Display timestamp with log entries
  • Grouping log messages by users
  • Much more

Please login at your live chat panel or create an account to check out all the new features!