cSupport 3.4 Released: Availability Overview

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March 27th, 2012

cSupport 3.4 Released: Availability Overview

By Dan S

Availability Overview
The availability overview gives a strong view into what hours is the most important to be online, as well as how to optimize the support. Easily available form the Dashboard, you will always find an updated view of how your live chat support is going.

Visitor Profile
Find out who the user you are chatting with right now is. You will be able to see the latest sessions, important information as previous used names and e-mail, and localization. This will give you an unique idea what the user is looking for and you can deliver the best possible support.

Version 3.3: Technical release

Tag customization pane
Now you are able to easily customize the inclusion tags in the new customization pane. Select color, placement and more to ensure your brand identification keeps the look in every aspect of your website.

Access previous session with the Jabber session bots
Forgot to send the transcript in a session, while on your phone? Now you can access previous sessions in Jabber. Just add “prev” after the command. You can try right now, by sending the action “#info prev”!

Pass custom data
Sometimes you need to pass more data than just the name/email. Maybe the user id, or shopping cart id. This can easily be done now, check more at our knowledge base.

HTML5 Audio
Everything should run really smooth now with native HTML5 audio. In older versions of IE it will still do embedding.