cSupport 3.2 Released

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January 15th, 2012

cSupport 3.2 Released

By Dan S

Yes, it has been a very short time since the last update! The reason is that we had some features we really wanted to include in 3.1 but didn’t make the cut.

The information below is mostly based for technical experienced people. If you are not, then you can wait for the updates of our plugins as well as update of the backend interface for customization.

Color Customization
The most noticeable change is the possibility of color customization. Plugins will be updated soon, and you will also see a panel in the backend interface to do this automatically. However for now it is only for developers who understand HTML.

Take a look at the example below:

<script type="text/javascript">
		var src = ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https://" : "http://")+ "http://chat.csupporthq.com/external/chat-float-inline.js";
		document.write("<script src='"+src+"' type='text/javascript'></script>");
	// Below is the HEX color code
	var cs_bgcolor="#416B84";

This will color all the buttons as well as header with the color of #416B84. Furthermore, in all modern browser, the script will calculate correct gradient pattern, contrasting text color, and so on.

We want it to be as easy and intuitive as possible, in other words you’ll only have to add your base color to get the cSupport live chat button and window to blend with your site.

If you want to try the different shades, you can use a random color generator such as

	// Randomization from http://paulirish.com/2009/random-hex-color-code-snippets/
	var cs_bgcolor="#"+(function(a,b){while(a--){b+=""+(~~(Math.random()*16)).toString(16);} return b;})(6,"");

Just reload this page to see a variety of color changes in our chat button!

Auto start session when pre-population is already filled
Now you can add one simple variable to your tag:

	// Auto start session if there is already filled information
	var cs_autostart=true;

When this is added AND there is pre-filled information, the script will try auto start the session. This way your users will not need to do any action but clicking on the chat button. They will go straight to the chat and you have all their information.

Remember that you can add information like this in your tag:

	// Insert server side dynamic information. Remember to escape for quotes!
	var cs_name="Test User"; // Required
	var cs_email="test@test.com"; // Required
	var cs_question="Some additional information"; // Optional

More information
You can view more information in the developer section of our knowledge base.

Other minor features

  • Jabber commands in backend interface: Just write /close to close the session in the backend!
  • Remember me: No need to login every time now. We have added remember me functionality in the backend interface
  • Translation updates: More languages are up to date
  • Service improvements: We have improved a lot of the core to be more stable and work better