cSupport 3.1 Released

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January 9th, 2012

cSupport 3.1 Released

By Dan S

Today, we have released cSupport 3.1. This is a minor release. The main points will be covered in this blog post

New design of chat and front-end
Now you can link to your cSupport Live Chat URL and get people to chat with you in a nice looking front-end. As an example, check ours: https://chat.csupporthq.com/

You can include your cSupport Live Chat URL in e-mails, prints, newsletters or anywhere you find it to be suitable. The URL will let people go straight to your live chat window. If you are not available or online, your live chat frontend will work as a contact form.

Updated sidebar
Now sessions are ordered and displayed in a way that make it much easier to differentiate what is the highest priority chats as well as have a clear overview of all current sessions.

Updated javascript tags
The updated javascript tags will automatically detect the protocol and switch to SSL if possible. However you don’t need to update your tag if SSL is not needed on your website.

Stability and improvements
The system has been updated with various stability improvements that will increase performance.

Let us know what you think. Version 3.2 is under way so if you have any requests or ideas head over to uservoice: https://csupport.uservoice.com/

Feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail or use our live chat found in the bottom right corner.