Color your chat

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March 12th, 2013

Color your chat

By cSupport Team

With cSupport’s unique intuitive color system, you have unlimited control, while keeping it simple, the trademark of cSupport. No predefined themes (locked), no picking of 20 different shades (too rigid), just pick one color and you are ready to go!

Customize the chat button to fit into your website perfectly.

Color the chat different when offline
Do you wish to display the chat in a different color when in offline mode? Easy! Just add a slash (/) to the current HEX color, and then add the color you wish used when you are in offline mode. Take a look for more in the knowledge-base: Developer: How to use a different color for when chat is offline

Color the chat in three different colors
Do you wish to have more than just one color? Easy! We explain everything in our knowledge-base article: Developer: How to customize color of chat