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Black Friday approaching

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cSupport Live Chat: Button Set 1

We have had a lot of requests for some free resources, so today we’re going to release our first free button set.

Live Chat Buttons

This package consists of 12 buttons in total, spread out on two different button sets. PSD included.

cSupport Button Set 1 – (1.7 MB)

Great Idea: Force “Proactive” Chat with your visitors

We all see it. Many live chat vendors offer proactive chat, but cSupport do not. Why?

In this post we will try outline our ideas of why proactive chat is an aggressive and unnecessary feature. We simply cannot understand how anyone would wish to force a chat on to their visitors thus annoy or hunt them away.

Our idea of Proactive Chat Invitations
Of course Proactive Chat Invitation can be of good use in some specific cases. Sometimes people do not notice the chat or sometimes they just need a “push” (in the right circumstances!). Some situations it is perfectly fine to ask your visitors how you can help them. But this is not the case with the majority of websites. In most cases it is a very bad idea to take away peoples own choice. Usually, the people who actually want to chat with you will find the chat, as it is usually on every single page floating somewhere. Why then would you want to push it down peoples throat?

Proactive Chat Invitations = Annoying Marketing Pop Up
A marketer thinks it is an excellent way to channel people into their chat/advertisement/lolcat image by using inline “proactive chat invitation” popup. But in reality who likes popups if they don’t request it themselves? In our view, it is a bad 90′s idea. Of course if you want to use old Internet Gimmicks like count down, popup and so on, by all means go for it. But if you run a serious business, please consider these thoughts. Read more

cSupport FREE live chat

We have been thinking about this and decided to offer FREE live chat for your website. Now the free version is pretty limited but hopefully get you an idea of how the system works, and should be useful enough for single user usage. With time we will add much more features to all of our products, including this free version.

As always we are extremely happy to get your feedback. It will help us develop one of the best live chats on the market!


cSupport has arrived

We’re proud to finally announce cSupport live chat system for the public! This is going to be one of the best alternatives in the big market of live chat systems. It has been a long and bumpy road, but now we have finally arrived, and would therefor like to thank all our beta testers for the great feedback they have given us. You will be receiving a little present to show our gratitude (check your emails). Without you it would have taken so much longer.

cSupport is our first exciting venture project with the Dream Conception team. The goal of cSupport is to take the fight up with all the big players on the market. We believe live chat solutions should be affordable for everyone, that being from the small business to the innovative entrepreneur. Read more