Heartbleed bug

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Heartbleed bug

cSupport hasn’t been affected by the heartbleed bug, but just in case we have updated to the latest patch of OpenSSL. We recommend that you roll the passwords on your cSupport account for added security.

cSupport stays in maintenance mode

At the cSupport team we have decided to currently hold cSupport in maintenance mode. That means there will be a hold on development of any new features, but we keep maintenance with security updates and bug fixes. We will also continue with full customer support.

At a later point we will continue the development, but for now our development team are needed elsewhere for our other projects at the Dream Conception family

Thanks for your support, and we hope that you continue to enjoy cSupport as your live chat provider.

- Dan and the cSupport Team

Color your chat

With cSupport’s unique intuitive color system, you have unlimited control, while keeping it simple, the trademark of cSupport. No predefined themes (locked), no picking of 20 different shades (too rigid), just pick one color and you are ready to go!

Customize the chat button to fit into your website perfectly.

Color the chat different when offline
Do you wish to display the chat in a different Read more

New pricing structure

We wish to give our customers the best and most straight-forward live chat experience that is out there.

That is why we have gone for a complete new pricing structure! Now you only select the number of operators you need for your support needs.

All the products includes

  • Unlimited* predefined messages
  • Unlimited* concurrent chat sessions
  • Unlimited* number of operator accounts
  • Unlimited amount of log transcripts
  • Live visitor tracking
  • White label
  • 30 days free trial

* Up to a global or user defined limit. In case you need more contact us!

Happy chatting!

Chat button reinvented – Part 1

Today we are rolling out the first part of a new update of cSupport!

The chat button has been completely rebuild to give you a much more rewarding experience. Add social level to your contact with your customers, by adding your Facebook Page and Twitter handle directly to the floating inline chat button. We will add more Assisting Helpers soon!

Next step will be redesign of the chat box itself. Stay tuned!

Longer Trial = More Love

We have always been very liberal about the trial period for cSupport. Many of you customers decide to go with us during the development of your website (as part of a whole marketing process) and thus many of you needs longer trial periods to verify the ROI (Return On Investment) by adding cSupport Live Chat to your website.

Then we thought to ourselves, why not give a full month for free by default?

It doesn’t make any sense that you only can try our system for a limited time of two weeks, thus pressuring you, our customers, into buying a subscription even though you might not be entirely sure if cSupport actually adds value to your business.

The vision of cSupport is that we offer the most outstanding live chat experience available, and that our solution will add a lot to your bottom line by generating more sales, and increasing customer loyalty. Nothing feels better to your customers than a friendly and happy customer service experience!

So from today we are offering full 30 days trial period for any new-comers. Try it out, and find out if it really is worth the price tag by yourself!

Longer Trial = More Love! From the cSupport team: Have a great and productive day!